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Join the Garden Club and enjoy working with friends and neighbors to plant and harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers in our community gardens: the Briar Patch and Boulder Park.  



What's Growing?

  • Scheduled garden workdays are announced by email.  Typically, workdays are on Saturdays or Sundays at Boulder Park or Briar Patch.  Watch your e-mails for announced workdays.  Garden club members are also welcome to work at the gardens on their own at anytime. Please bring your work gloves and water.

  • Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 at the Clubhouse and/or via Zoom.  

  • If you are interested in joining the Briar Chapel Garden Club you can join at any time by paying your annual dues online using "Pay Annual Dues".  Information will be sent to you on how the club works and how to join in.

  • Visit our new Briar Chapel Garden Club Facebook page to stay current on upcoming events.

  • Confused about what you can compost in our gardens?  Here's a list 

Briar Chapel Garden Club Gives Back
Volunteers to plant & maintain garden in Chatham County Council of Aging Peaceful Pathways project 

                How's that for harvesting carrots!

Did you know?

Briar Chapel Garden Club visits Brie Arthur's home garden -- it was amazing!
Beautiful flowers for cutting in Boulder Park

We are proud to report that we have several master gardeners in our club, including:  Mike Gorman (NC & NJ), Terry Leese (GA & TN) and Sue Pflum (NC).

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