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What we do

 Keep track of the finances of the club

  • What Was Spent
  • What Was Raised
  • What We Have Left
Treasurer:  Scott Kiser

Annual Dues Payments


Annual dues payments can be made using the Paypal link (Pay Annual Dues) found on the home page or by check (made out to Briar Chapel Garden Club)

Reimbursement Form

The PDF form may be fillable by computer depending on your PDF reader. If so you can then email it along with a PDF scan of your receipts. It must be received at least three days before the meeting if you want your reimbursement at that meeting.

Calculate Savings


  • All purchases need to be approved before they can be reimbursed.

  • Purchases less than $200 require approval by one of the co-presidents or another officer.

  • Purchases $200 or greater require a vote and approval at a monthly garden club meeting.

  • Reimbursement forms must accompany each reimbursement request.

  • If a large purchase was made and a quicker turnaround is needed, email the treasurer to request other arrangements.

  • Whenever the treasurer distributes reimbursements checks to members, a signed receipt must be obtained.

  • If, after accepting a reimbursement check from the treasurer, it is subsequently lost, the treasurer will reissue a check for the original amount less the stop payment fee imposed by the bank.

  • For more information, refer to the full Financial Policy.


2024 Budget Reports


2023 Budget Reports

2022 Budget Reports

2021 Budget Reports

2019 Budget Reports

Updated January 2021

2019 Budget Reports

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